Office Fit Outs and Sustainability

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Sustainability while fitting out or refurbishing an office is at the heart of what we do.

At Niche Projects, we always promote eco-friendly practices. This applies throughout every project, from conception to completion.

Moreover, whilst we are actually fitting out an office space, we make sure that the way we work is environmentally conscious.

Here’s how.

Sustainable Design

For the fit-out process to be truly sustainable, it has to start with design.

For example, the design will determine the procedure of fitting out the new office. This will include determining labour requirements, materials and resources needed.

When this information is compiled, we can ensure that the actual process of the fit-out is as sustainable as possible.

For instance, by minimising labour, materials and resources such as water and electricity, we can manage a truly eco-friendly fit-out.

Sustainable Materials

True sustainability in design is put into practice through the materials that we use.

For example, by utilising eco-friendly materials when selecting your floor, wall and ceiling finishes, you can have a great effect on sustainability.

Moreover, when we install these materials, the impact on the environment will not be a negative one. Offcuts and extra materials won’t go to waste, and can be recycled.

Responsible Disposal of Waste

The three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle are at the core of our waste disposal policy.

When fitting out an office, there is inevitably some construction waste left over. That may be wood, metal, floor finishes or partitions.

If we aren’t able to reuse these materials, they will be responsibly recycled.

To ensure that all waste produced by a fit-out ends up where it’s supposed to be, we are partnered with a professional rubbish removal contractor.

To discuss your office fit-out or refurbishment, get in touch with Niche Projects here.