More Challenges of a Fit Out in a Live Environment

There are a number of challenges that spring up when fitting out a live office.

When working around your employees, we consider the variety of ways this impacts them, and the productivity of your business.

Previously, we discussed the effects of noise distractions and staff displacement, as well as how we combat these issues.

Here are two more obstacles that we regularly face, when completing a fit-out in a live office environment.


The presence of construction workers and ongoing work can cause stress among staff. This can come from the noise, visual distractions and constant activity around them.

Unfortunately, stress in any form can have a serious impact on the productivity and quality output of your workers.

Moreover, it contributes to a lower mood and less overall job satisfaction. Therefore, it’s so important that stress in any form is addressed swiftly.

At Niche Projects, we always take measures to reduce the stress created by a fit-out.

For example, we do our best to schedule works so that they do not clash with your working hours. That means less distraction for your employees.

As well as this, we maintain a constant dialogue with you about progress, and the effects of the works on your employees.

This means we can get the best result possible, while reducing stress in your office.

Time Constraints

Efficient businesses run on tight schedules, and an office fit-out is no exception to the rule.

Therefore, we plan a fit-out or refurbishment thoroughly, creating a schedule that will see your works completed as quickly as possible.

We work with you from design through to completion, ensuring every stage is running smoothly and on time.

To aid this, we often work early, late or overnight. This ensures a swift completion for your new office fit-out.

However, quality remains at the forefront of what we do, no matter the pace.

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