The Challenges of an Office Fit Out in a Live Environment

At Niche Projects, we often refurbish or fit-out offices which maintain live working environments.

A live environment is one where staff are still working as normal, whilst we complete a fit-out or refurbishment.

This can create a number of challenges for staff and, the business itself. However, we are well practiced in dealing with these challenges.

Therefore, we can ensure that a fit-out has as little effect as possible on your organisation.

Noise Distraction

Construction works often produce unwanted noise distractions. The noise might come from tools, or the moving of materials.

This can obviously affect staff who are working at their desks. In fact, noise distraction is the biggest killer of productivity and quality, in office based businesses.

Thankfully, at Niche, when we’re performing an office fit-out, we take measures to reduce the impact of construction noise.

For example, we often work early mornings and overnight, reducing the noise impact.

Moreover, we ensure that our schedule of works takes into account proximity to live office spaces, to reduce distractions for your staff.

Staff Displacement

An office makeover often requires staff to vacate their workspaces, to allow for fit-out works to take place.

Unfortunately, moving about like this can often result in a drop in productivity.

At Niche Projects, we’re well aware of the effect this moving about can have. Therefore, we know exactly how to minimise any drop in the effectiveness of your staff.

For example, working overnight can reduce the need for workers to vacate their desks. If it’s unavoidable, we ensure that fully equipped, temporary workstations are provided.

Moreover, we schedule fit-out works with your business in mind. This means that when staff are moved, it’s only when absolutely necessary.


It’s clear that there are some significant challenges when fitting out or refurbishing a live office.

However, you can be sure that Niche Projects are well prepared for these eventualities. Moreover, we know exactly how to minimise the effect they might have on your business.

To discuss an office fit-out or refurbishment, get in touch with Niche Projects here.