Provide Balance with Individual Work Spaces

These days, open plan offices are extremely common.

As we’ve discussed previously, they offer a lot of benefits. But there are also some notable negatives when it comes to this popular design.

One way to negate these negatives is to provide sufficient individual work spaces. Ideally, these are secluded, quiet and relaxing areas.

By implementing these spaces into your design, you’re providing a number of benefits that employees are missing in an open plan office.

They Provide Balance

In every office, we need a balance of collaborative and individual working spaces.

Therefore, by providing some individual working spaces, your workers can have the best of both worlds.

There may be number of projects that require collaboration, which is where an open plan office floor comes into its own.

On the other hand, tasks such as editing, proofreading or in-depth writing, are generally easier to complete in a quiet environment.

Providing a balance of the two will increase productivity, and employee satisfaction.


When your workers have a place to work alone, free of distraction, their focus naturally improves.

In an open plan office for instance, noise distraction can have a huge effect on the accuracy of your employees’ work.

For example, studies have shown that by removing conversational distractions, ability to focus improved by 48%. Moreover, error rates improved by at least 10%.


Individual working spaces allow your staff to take a break from the hubbub, and relax.

Open plan offices can be stressful environments. In fact, workers report their stress levels rising significantly in an open plan design.

By providing secluded work spaces for individuals, you are helping your staff to unwind. And relaxed workers are more productive workers.

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