Tips for Killer Collaborative Spaces

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Many of the greatest ideas come from collaboration.

We all learn from each other, and progress faster as a team. Therefore, in offices, there need to be spaces which make collaboration as effective as possible.

These spaces need to be optimised for idea generation. That means they need to be comfortable, stimulating and ideal for open communication.

To maximise the effectiveness of your collaborative areas, work with an office design company like Niche Projects.

We will work with you from idea to finished product, to ensure your space is as fantastic as it can be.

In the meantime, here are some tips on designing a killer collaborative space for your staff.


The chairs and table (and whatever else you add to the space) need to be comfortable but functional for the task at hand.

A stylish yet sturdy table will be the centerpiece of your space, pulling people in. Tables are great tools of discussion, and that’s no exception here.

Comfortable chairs will allow people to relax, and therefore be more focused on the collaborative discussion.


Natural light flowing through your collaborative space will have a great impact on the state of mind of your workers.

It will aid relaxation, maintain alertness and boost creativity in your people. It’s simply one of the most important aspects of office design.

Therefore, when considering the design of your collaborative space, try to incorporate as much natural light as possible.


Relaxation results in a better flow of creativity. Therefore, by creating a comfortable space for your workers, you’re promoting idea generation.

Comfort means enough meaningful space, as well as furniture and light.

This will keep your team from feeling cramped or claustrophobic – both surefire ways to hamper the creative process.


Above all else, this needs to be a creative space, where dynamic ideas flow.

Therefore, boost creativity with easy design elements. For instance, plenty of colour on the walls, artwork, plants and even quirky chairs or tables (though which remain functional).


Don’t let a lack of technology restrict the creativity of your team.

Ensure that all the technology necessary for idea generation is available. That may include a large monitor, video and audio call equipment as well as an interactive board.

This will ensure your team aren’t hampered by a lack of tech when working on a project.

To discuss your office design and collaborative space needs, get in touch here.