Quality Office Design Ideas for Small Businesses

Exceptional office design ideas for small businesses can make a world of difference. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first office, or simply a new space, getting your fit-out right can have a huge impact on the success of your business. At Niche Projects, we’re office design experts in Sydney… and we’re here to provide some inspiration.

Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean your office is. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to assume you’re not renting 3 floors in the Sydney CBD! In this article, we’ll look at the best office design tips for small businesses and small offices, and how they can help.

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Team and management working together

While hierarchy in the office is definitely a thing in larger corporations, in a small business, management, and employees working together in the same space can have many benefits. It’s also a great way to save space; there’s no need for private offices. Simple partitions, plants, and other separators can work wonders to maintain a private feel while saving on your fitout.

Many managers prefer to be closer to their staff wherever possible. In a small business, it’s likely that your team is tight-knit, including management. Therefore, working in the same space together helps boost that feeling of camaraderie. It also prevents feelings of isolation for managers, and an overbearing hierarchy of management over employees.

Furniture that fits

It’s important for every small business that they select furniture that fits into their office. Selecting pieces that are too big will only create space problems. If it becomes difficult for your employees to navigate the area, or you don’t have enough space for other items such as printers and scanners, your business may not be able to function properly.

Price is another important factor too. Every good business is careful with their money. Expensive furniture isn’t a necessity, and there is plenty of value out there. Secondhand office furniture is also an excellent way to save money, particularly for businesses that are setting up their office for the first time. In the same vein, multi-functional furniture like meeting tables that double as work areas, can help save space and money.

At Niche Projects, we work with businesses of all sizes. We help companies big and small optimise their workspace, creating an effective environment. We’re experts in choosing the right furniture for a particular commercial workplace, making sure that the size, style, and function are perfect for your business and your people.

Natural elements are essential

Every office should be making the most of natural elements. This includes plants, natural light, and even water! Each of these elements promotes employee wellbeing and productivity, and increases happiness in the workplace. They are also very affordable (or free in the case of natural light), with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Natural light can be an incredibly useful asset for small businesses with limited office space. Ample natural light makes any space feel larger and brighter, so you should be making the most of any windows or glass doors available. Your layout should be optimised to keep furniture from blocking light, allowing it to flow. 

Studies also show that when workers have some kind of control over the lighting in their office space, they are happier. The same study also found that these employees also harbour more positive feelings toward their employer. 

Materials like wood and stone also come with a range of benefits for employees. Staying in touch with these natural elements in the workplace can keep your people relaxed at work, and even increase concentration. A great side effect of this is improved relationships between workers, leading to more creativity and collaboration. One would say that’s essential for any small business!

Choose the right colour schemes

The colours that you choose to use in your office can make a world of difference to the feel and function of your workplace. Certain colours and shades can open up a space, making it feel larger than it is. Other colours will turn any space into a vibrant environment, while different colours again instil creativity and positive feeling.

At Niche Projects, we can help design and paint the perfect colour scheme for your organisation. We work with small businesses to make sure their office is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Colour is a huge part of that, and we can combine the right colour palette for your small business office.

Share a space with another small business

One of the best small business office design ideas is to share your space with another small business. This enables you to save money, while potentially landing an office in a great part of the city. Ideally, you’ll be paired up with a small business in a similar industry, but the most important thing is that you can share the space comfortably.

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