This is How to Design the Perfect Hot-Desking Office

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Hot-desking is a prime example of a flexible working style within the modernoffice. 

This approach has been around for some time now, but fell out of fashion, mainly due to the gripes of office workers. However, hot-desking is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in Sydney. This is particularly true of businesses that are cutting down on space in the current commercial market.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to design and fit out the perfect hot-desking office for your business in Sydney.

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Why is hot-desking making a comeback?

The commercial property market has taken a nosedive since the pandemic and subsequent work-from-home revolution. Many offices in Sydney are sitting empty, as more and more businesses vacate their space. They simply do not need to spend so much on office space when a large portion of their workforce is remote.

Therefore, hot-desking is a sensible option. It allows businesses to save money on empty space while providing flexible working options for their employees when they do come into the office. However, if you do decide to go down this path, it’s incredibly important to utilise the experience and expertise of an expert firm to design the perfect hot-desking office.

At Niche Projects, we pride ourselves on our track record of designing and building exceptional workspaces for commercial businesses in Sydney. We’ve also worked with a number of businesses on hot-desking design, strategy, and implementation. In short, we know what we’re doing when it comes to designing a hot-desking office.

When did hot-desking first start?

A little bit of background information…

Hot desking first came into vogue in the early 1990s, when the system was implemented at the IBM offices in Chicago. It’s thought that the phrase comes from the US Navy, where sailors ‘hot-bunked’, sleeping in different bunks throughout their shifts. In the office, this approach had mixed results, and many employees didn’t exactly warm to the idea.

Most office workers preferred to have a workspace to call their own. On top of that, many of the common gripes were the result of poor-quality connectivity and issues with computer hardware and software. There’s nothing worse as an office worker than coming into work, and sitting down at a desk, only to find that you’re unable to do your job due to technical difficulties.

Eventually, hot-desking was thrown out of most large offices and the open-plan workplace became the norm around the world. A number of businesses continued to utilise hot-desking in Sydney, though often on a small scale. It simply wasn’t considered a very good way to operate an office.

Now, however, with better technology than ever before and more people working from home, hot-desking is making a comeback.

How to design the perfect hot-desking office environment

If your business has decided to implement a hot-desking arrangement, it’s critical that you get it right. Here’s how to design the perfect hot-desking office for your Sydney business.

Optimise your floor plan

The first step in planning any workplace is to create the perfect floor plan. This means placing pods, workstations, and desks in the most convenient and effective way. We’ve consistently heard of employees in hot-desking offices arriving early just to get the ‘best’ desks. If you can ensure that every single workstation is well-positioned and reaping the benefits of the rest of your office fit-out, you’ll be doing well.

Connectivity and hardware must be perfect

We mentioned earlier that employees traditionally struggle with hot-desking because of technical difficulties. These days, we are better equipped than ever, to provide an excellent user experience for staff. That means ensuring that all computers are updated and working as they should and that local area networks are optimised for speed and efficiency. This will boost the productivity of your people and your business, and ensure that they are happy!

Don’t forget natural elements

Bringing plants into the office is a must, whether you’re hot-desking or not! The benefits of including plants in your office fit-out cannot be overstated; they are effective at reducing stress among your employees, creating a more visually appealing space, boosing creativity, and even lowering instances of sickness. 

Flexible working areas

Sometimes, your employees may need a break from the bullpen. This is why it’s so important to offer up different spaces where your people can relax or work quietly. Ideally, these areas will be separated from the main working area by fixed partitions or walls, minimising any visual or auditory distractions. As we all know, some people simply operate more efficiently in a peaceful environment. Where possible, make sure you are catering to these needs.

Quality Sydney office design for hot-desking

If you’re looking to design a quality hot-desking office, we’re here to help. At Niche Projects, we’re the best in the business when it comes to building an office that works for you. Simply get in touch with us today to discuss your design and fit-out project.
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