Save Money on Your Sydney Office Fit-Out by Reusing Existing Components

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Sustainability in the office is extremely important as we move towards a greener planet.

However, this doesn’t just mean more recycling, using less energy and utilising eco-friendly chemicals for commercial cleaning.

It also means designing and fitting out our offices more sustainably.

This comes from the materials we use. The very best way to ensure a sustainable Sydney office fit-out is to reuse components of your existing fit-out, where possible.

Here are just some of the materials that can be reused during a Sydney office fit-out.


The components that make up your office kitchen can almost certainly be reused.

Unless they are extremely old and falling apart, cupboards, sinks, fixtures and appliances can almost certainly be reinstalled in your new office kitchen.

The kitchen is an extremely important part of any Sydney office, and it therefore must be given the attention it deserves.

This means functional, stylish design that your staff will appreciate.

If you’re able to reuse components of your existing condition, you’ll be saving money and helping the environment during your Sydney office fit-out.


Many businesses simply throw away workstations when they complete a refurbishment.

Moreover, these workstations are often in prime condition, with no blemishes. Often, these businesses are simply throwing them away to keep up with the latest trends.

However, it’s not at all sustainable, unless they are being sold onto another office based organisation.

Therefore, carefully assess whether you can reuse your workstations in your new office. If you can, you’ll be saving your business plenty of money.

As well as that, your impact on the environment will be a much more positive one!

Storage Units

Storage units are easily reused.

You should look to reuse your storage units wherever possible in the office, so long as they are intact.

Furthermore, these compactus units and other types of storage can take thousands of years to break down when dumped in landfill.

Therefore, ensure you are reusing your storage units where possible.


Floor and wall finishes like carpet tiles and ceramic tiles can be reused with ease.

These materials can be reused in your new Sydney office fit-out as long as they are removed without damage.

This foregoes plenty of waste, and like reusing your other materials, will ensure more money stays in your pocket.

To discuss a sustainable Sydney office fit-out for your business, get in touch with Niche Projects here.