What Features Might We See in the Socially Distanced Office of the Future?

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Office-based businesses need to take measures to ensure social distancing is observed in the workplace, as more and more employees return to work in Sydney.

It doesn’t take an entire office refurbishment or fit-out to attain a socially distanced workspace either. Some simple features can help maintain this with ease.

These features can have a fantastic impact on your efforts to maintain a healthy office space and simply must be considered.

Here are just a few of them.


In the wake of COVID-19, many design companies have created divider solutions for office-based businesses.

These dividers can help to ensure your staff are protected from the spread of illness through airborne sources.

COVID-19 and other viruses can spread quickly through particles that are released when people cough or sneeze. Therefore, using desk dividers is a great way to eliminate some of the risk.

To ensure your office is properly and stylishly equipped for this purpose, work with a professional office design and fit-out company.

Signage for Social Distancing

Social distancing in the office will be encourage by most companies. To ensure that your staff are maintaining this practice, signage is a great idea.

Notices and reminders help to remind your employees to ensure they follow the guidelines.

Signage can be placed on walls around your office, as well as in hotspots such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

In these aforementioned areas, there is a very high risk of transmission of illness between staff. This is because of the volume of traffic they see.

Adequate reminders can help to keep your staff mindful of where they put their hands, as well as constant handwashing.

More Fobs and Automatic Doors

Most viruses and illness are passed on through touch. Therefore, it’s essential that we remove the risk of spreading these contaminants as much as possible.

In the office, some of the things your staff might touch the most include door handles.

Therefore, installing automatic doors with fobs, so that they don’t have to touch the door or a button, will go a long way toward eliminating this spread.

Consulting a professional office design company is the best way to make sure your signage is placed for the best results.

Daily Commercial Cleaning

Regular professional commercial cleaning is the best way to make sure your office is always in peak condition for your staff.

To eliminate any potentially harmful contaminants it’s absolutely essential that your workstations are cleaned regularly.

This regular cleaning goes a long way to aiding a healthy and more productive workspace and keeping your staff happy.

To discuss implementing these features into your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.