Simple Tips for Rejuvenating Your Sydney Office

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Is your office looking a little tired and worse for wear? Perhaps it’s been a good few years since your original fit-out or refurbishment. We understand that a new fit-out or office renovation can be an expensive undertaking and a time-consuming process. The good news is that there are a number of simple ways to rejuvenate your office without breaking the bank!

At Niche Projects, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to refurbish and redesign offices all over Sydney. Through our experience, we fully understand how to instil more life into your workplace. Rejuvenating your Sydney office can be an affordable and stress-free process if you follow these simple tips.

A fresh lick of paint

The term ‘a fresh lick of paint’ is popular for a reason. The fact is, a fresh lick of paint really can work wonders for an office space! Even if your office is a neutral white, a bright new coat will create a lighter and more vibrant space. Colours are another fantastic option, and offer a great way to bring more energy into a room or workspace.

We have a number of expert, in-house trades ready to help you brighten up your office space. This includes expert, experienced painters who know exactly how to bring out the best in a tired workplace. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your space and get a fresh coat of paint in, we’re ready to help.

New furniture

The furniture in your workplace is one of the most important components of your business. Quality furniture is necessary for your employees, and will enable them to complete their work as required. What’s more, older furniture that isn’t in the best shape, will be holding your people back. It also makes your office look more worn and tired.

New furniture can work wonders for your office. By new, we don’t exactly mean brand new either. There is plenty of quality secondhand furniture available on the market, and choosing the right pieces can give your office the boost it needs. Your people will thank you, and any visiting clients are sure to be impressed.

Add some artwork

Artwork is an excellent addition to any workplace. The right pieces of art will liven up even the most tired office. Generally, paintings and prints are the best option for an office, as there is usually plenty of wall space available, and limited space. Statues and carvings don’t really fit the bill… so choosing the right prints is important. The colour scheme of your artwork should aim to match the existing colour scheme of your office. Art can also have some wonderful effects on your people, inspiring creativity and productivity.

Plants are always a great idea

Greenery is an important addition to every workplace. At Niche Projects, we always encourage businesses to include plenty of plants in their office fit-out. And if your office is lacking in colour, plants are a wonderful way to rejuvenate your space. They also come with added benefits such as better acoustics, improved air quality, happier employees, and a sustainable touch. 


Replacing floor finishes in the office can be expensive. New carpet might look great, but removing your old carpeting and purchasing a large amount of new carpet will require a sizeable investment. Placing rugs throughout your office (in the appropriate areas) can help create a cosy, relaxing feel, while adding another layer of style to your floors. This can work very well in offices that sport a polished concrete or hardwood floor.


Partitions can completely change the layout of your office, without the cost of installing fixed walls. Altering your layout can create a whole new working environment, freshening up your space and energising your employees. It also means you can utilise areas that might not have existed before you implemented partitions.

Change up your working areas

Got a nook or small breakout room that no one really uses? Turn it into a quiet working area or meeting room! There’s nothing worse than wasted space in the office… after all, you are paying for it! Making the most of these areas can really shake up the daily humdrum processes, permitting your people to collaborate in a fresh area, work quietly, and unwind.

Get expert Sydney office design today

At Niche Projects, we’re the Sydney office design experts. We’ve worked with countless businesses across the city to create efficient, productive, and relaxing working environments… and we can do the same for you. Get in touch with us today.