Sustainability in the Office – Part Three

This is part three of our comprehensive guide to sustainability in the office.

Sustainability is a huge part of the future in all industries.

Every single business, whether they are an office-based organisation or not, needs to be doing everything possible to become sustainable.

Essentially, this means producing less waste, using less resources, and creating a more natural, healthy workplace for staff.

Here are five more ways to promote sustainability in your office.

Reduce Energy Use

Lowering the amount of energy that your office uses is great for the environment, and great for the bottom line of your company.

You can lower your usage through smart thermostat settings, only using lighting when necessary and switching off devices when they aren’t in use.

Even small measures count for something; shutting down applications on a device will lower the amount of power the device uses.

Set Recycling Targets

Recycling targets are an excellent way to keep your business on track with its efforts to become more sustainable.

You could even create recycling teams, with prizes for the team which recycles the most material each week.

These incentives will encourage your entire workforce to do more to combat waste and create a more sustainable workplace.

Repurpose Used Furniture

Too many office-based businesses simply throw used furniture away, and it ends up in landfill. This is a poor result for the environment.

There are actually many avenues for which to dispose of used furniture responsibly. This includes repurposing it.

You may be able to refurbish old chairs and tables with new surfaces and use them in your own office again.

Otherwise, there are a number of second-hand furniture dealers whom you can sell furniture to. That way, your business will also get some money back on your purchases.

Add Plants to Your Office

Greenery is an affordable, popular way to make the interior of your office more eco-friendly, and the benefits (as we’ve said many times before) are enormous.

They provide cleaner air, are pleasant to look at and can be used to help muffle noise.

Therefore, you simply must consider adding plants to your office when completing a Sydney office-fitout.

Select Sustainable Suppliers

These days, there are plenty of options when it comes to purchasing sustainable products, such as furniture and stationery.

This might include repurposed items, stationery that is easier to recycle or more efficient materials.

By purchasing and utilising items like reusable pens, your organisation can be proud in knowing that it’s having a far more positive impact on the environment.

To discuss sustainability in your office, get in touch with Niche Projects here, or Sydney City Rubbish here.