Sustainability in the Office – Part Four

The reasons for implementing sustainable practices into your office are many.

Not only will it make your environmental impact far more positive, you’ll also experience savings in terms of energy use, supply costs and other overheads.

Here are another five ways to practice sustainability in your office.

Refine Your Mission

Every single organisation should have a well-defined mission and brand.

As well as identifying this, you should be doing all you can to communicate your brand to your staff, and consistently remind them of it.

By marketing your business as an organisation with sustainability at the heart of what it does, you’ll be helping staff to keep on top of eco-friendly practices.

Host Sustainability Talks

One great way to keep sustainability at the forefront of your workers’ minds is to host talks about green and eco-friendly practices.

There are a number of organisations that run workshops and seminars, with office visits a common strategy.

By having these groups visit your workplace and talk to your staff, they’ll be able to learn new strategies, as well as better understand the effects of their actions.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Too often, office lighting is used inefficiently, with globes sucking up plenty of energy.

LED lighting is far more energy efficient than fluorescent tubes or traditional bulbs. In fact, LED tubes consume about 60% less energy!

That’s a huge saving, which is reflected in your electricity bill as well as your energy consumption.

Utilise a Rubbish Removal Company

We mentioned this one in our first office sustainability guide. However, it’s so important that it’s certainly worth mentioning again.

There are a number of rubbish removal companies throughout Sydney, but the commitment to sustainability that you get with Sydney City Rubbish is unrivalled.

Throughout our extensive waste removal experience, we have always maintained eco-friendly practices.

This means we promote reducing, repurposing and reusing as much as waste as possible, whether that be in an office (or other) setting.

Install Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets are just one way to help you save water in the office.

In fact, these toilets can save about a quarter of the water used in every single flush. This helps to make your premises greener by conserving water, while saving money.

Work with a professional office fit-out company like Niche Projects to ensure the toilets in your office space are low-flow.

To discuss sustainability in your office, get in touch with Niche Projects here, or Sydney City Rubbish here.