Sydney Office Fit-Out: Dynamic Partitions

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The idea of office partitions often conjures up images of a ‘cube farm’ style office space, with staff crammed into cramped, individually partitioned workstations.

Whilst most companies have steered away from this style of office in favour of more collaborative working, there is still a need for partitions.

Partitions are useful for dividing teams, creating quiet spaces and providing privacy.

Therefore, office-based businesses are still looking for dynamic solutions to help create these spaces.

Here are some dynamic partition ideas for your Sydney office fit-out.

Plants/Plant Walls

Plants are one very affordable option, with a number of other great benefits for your office.

They make for fantastic partitions, blocking out unwanted noise, and adding pleasing natural elements to your office.

However, they can block light, and will not remove 100% of unwanted sounds.

Green partitions are also an excellent addition if you are striving to create a more sustainable office environment.

Entire Work Pods

These come with everything integrated into the workstation, including high partitions.

Considered a deluxe option, whilst these workstations offer enormous benefits, they can be very expensive, and often not entirely necessary.

There are certainly better partitioning options when it comes to completing your Sydney office fit-out.

Frosted Glass Partitions

Frosted glass partitions are commonplace in modern offices, especially when creating a defined meeting room.

However, they are also used to partition desk spaces.

This material allows some light through and negates some of that ‘isolated’ feeling you get with traditional or opaque partitions. It also greatly reduces the effects of unwanted noise.

Transparent Glass Partitions

Transparent glass partitions are great for a bright space and help to reduce sound pollution.

However, there is no real privacy with partitions that are entirely see-through. Passersby will be able to see you working, which is an issue when dealing with sensitive material.

It does, however, allow managers to keep a close eye on staff members throughout the day.

Fabric Partitions

A little like interior curtains, these hang from the roof and come in a variety of colours, from a number of designers and manufacturers.

They are affordable, can be bright, and easily removed or put in place when required.

However, they will block at least some light and aren’t the best option for reducing the sound that can bounce around your office.

To discuss partition options for your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.