Sustainable Floor Finishes for Your Sydney Office

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The first step in designing your office space is deciding on what kind of look and feel best suits your business.

Whether you want an industrial, modern or biophilic design for your office, Niche projects are experts at incorporating sustainable values into you Sydney office design.

The floor finish is the foundation of any office design; listed below is a range of options to help you meet your office design vision sustainably and affordably.

Utilising your current floor

To avoid generating waste, it is important to consider whether the existing flooring in your office space can be utilized or refurbished instead of replaced.

An old concrete floor can be polished at matched with greenery and wooden furniture to create a modern office look. Concrete is an excellent insulator, so retaining it will also benefit your electricity consumption.

Similarly, scratched and dry old timber flooring can be sanded and varnished rather than replaced to give your office fit out a modern or biophilic look with some greenery and natural lighting.

Choosing a New Floor Finish


If your heart is set on a timber look but this is too expensive or too difficult to source sustainably, linoleum may be the next best option.

It might not be known as the trendiest flooring finish, but linoleum is an ideal material for office flooring.

Made out of natural materials including cork and linseed oil, it is 100% recyclable with good insulatiing and antibacterial properties, easy to clean, and highly durable.

Lino is a great choice for office kitchens, bathrooms and thoroughfare areas.


Bamboo is a great alternative to solid timber flooring, providing the same polished biophilic or modern look to your office but at a much lower cost, both to the environment and your pocket.

A highly durable material, a good quality bamboo will hold up to wear and tear and is naturally water and mold resistant.

Taking only around 5 years to cultivate, the environmental impacts of growing bamboo are much lower than other woods, and it is much easier to maintain as a flooring finish.

That means plenty of benefits for your Sydney office fit-out.


Not the first material that comes to mind when considering office flooring, cork is another excellent material for an office fit out. Cork can be stained to match your design outlook and easily installed as a floating floor.

Considered one of the most environmentally friendly flooring materials, cork trees are not cut down to harvest the material and the harvested part of the tree will regenerate in just three years.

In addition, cork has excellent fire resistant and insulating properties making it a safe and energy efficient flooring finish for your Sydney office fit out.

If you’re thinking of implementing sustainable floor finishes into your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.