Sydney Office Design: A Guide on Returning to the Office After COVID-19

Whilst office-based businesses battle to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to keep one eye on the future.

There’s no doubt that the way we work will change after the pandemic has passed and working restrictions are lifted.

However, it can be difficult to know where to start when preparing for the return to business as usual.

Therefore, here is a guide for Sydney office-based businesses for returning to the office once COVID-19 has passed.

Assess the Risks

The first step, which can be done before any workers even set foot in your office again, is to assess the potential risk factors upon their return.

This includes distancing between staff, the number of staff in your office, available handwashing facilities and any other risk factors.

Being aware of these elements is essential if you’re going to truly minimise risk.

When it comes to assessing health threats in the office, it pays to have an experienced Sydney office design company or Sydney tenant advisor on-side.

Consider Re-Designing

A Sydney office fit-out is never a bad idea.

Maintaining a cutting-edge design helps to improve productivity, gain an edge over competition and now, make for a healthier workspace.

By re-designing your office, you can implement changes that will help to minimise the chance of illness spreading

This includes reducing the prevalence of open plan working, as well as more of a focus on employee health and wellbeing in the office.

Ensure Adequate Distance

Distancing between staff in the office is going to be one of the biggest changes we’ll see in the Sydney office design sector.

We’re already seeing a number of offices across the world following the 1.5m rule when it comes to design, ensuring staff at desks have adequate distance between them.

This is a trend that will certainly continue. Consider the space in your office, and how close your employees need to be to each other.

Dump Pointless Meetings

Throughout the USA, meetings cost the commercial sector $399 billion every single year!

We’ve all sat through pointless meetings, and this is something else that will be addressed post-covid, if businesses are sensible.

Placing staff at risk through unnecessary exposure to one another should be avoided at all costs. This is especially the case when information can be easily communicated through email, or phone call.

If a face-to-face meeting is essential, video calling is easily accessible.

Hand Wash and Sanitise Stations

Regular handwashing and sanitising is key in fighting the COVID-19 virus.

Because of that, another feature that will likely increase in popularity is stations that are situated around the office for handwashing and sanitising.

These will help to keep your staff safe from coronavirus, as well as any other germs and illness. Therefore, ensure that you consider handwashing stations for your Sydney office fit-out.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out and for help assessing risk factors, get in touch with Niche Projects here.