Sydney Office Design: Tips for Your Employees Whilst Working from Home

An unprecedented number of office workers are now operating from home, due the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions.

It’s been a rapid and often difficult transition for many businesses, as your staff adjust to the change in the way they work.

To help with that, here are some tips for your staff to make their working from home experience a little more productive.

Begin the Day on the Right Note

Whilst working at home, it’s essential your staff maintain a clearly defined schedule.

The importance of starting the day on a good note cannot be underestimated. For instance, encourage your staff to be online by a certain time (if they don’t have set hours already).

As well as that, a pre-work coffee and chat online with staff is another way to encourage your workers to be fresh and sociable in the morning.

This helps your people begin the day on a positive note and will therefore help to boost their productivity.

There are a number of Sydney office design principles that can be applied to the home office, and this is just one of them.

Optimise a Workspace

So much of a worker’s productivity actually depends on their workspace.

For instance, if their desk at home is set up well, your staff will be much more productive. Organised materials and a well-lit space will help them to focus.

On the other hand, if their workspace is messy, dark and without adequate space, your workers won’t be able to do their jobs effectively.

In turn, this can have ramifications on the productivity of your business.

Therefore, to prevent this, we wrote a four-part guide on creating a more productive home workspace. You can read part one here.

For further advice, consult a professional Sydney office design company like Niche Projects. We’re ready to help.

Minimise Distractions

There is a wide array of distractions that can affect your employees when working at home.

Noise, visual distractions, family members or housemates… these are all common problems for any worker to navigate at home.

Ensure your staff communicate with the people that they share their home with to ensure they respect working hours and keep the noise to a minimum.

This will help your staff to concentrate on their work, and therefore be more productive.

The same principles apply for any large Sydney office design or office fit-out project, and we understand how to best minimise these distractions.

Stay Connected

It’s essential that your employees don’t feel too removed from their normal workplace when operating from home.

Therefore, maintain open lines of communication. Regular video calls can help, or a continually open online forum makes your management accessible at all times.

This not only helps to keep your workers in touch with each other, but also helps to increase their productivity by aiding troubleshooting quickly.

To discuss your office and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, get in touch with Niche Projects here.