Sydney Office Design: Minimise the Spread of Germs

The spread of germs and bacteria through offices is something we’ve been battling since we began to understand the impact of an unclean working environment.

Unfortunately, these unwelcome visitors cause millions of lost revenue for Sydney businesses, every single year, due to employee illness and absence.

Therefore, it’s essential to take germ control into account when completing a Sydney office fit-out. At Niche Projects, we’re ready to help.

Open Plan Offices – Not a Picture of Health

The most common type of office design you’ll find in Sydney is sure to be some type of open plan workspace.

Whilst there are some benefits to open plan design, such as lower costs, more light and easier communication, the negatives stack up.

Moreover, one of the most impactful problems that open plan offices present, is the frightening spread of germs that occur.

For example, numerous studies have shown that employees who work in an open plan office take almost two-thirds more sick days than those who don’t.

This can be attributed to the fact that germs can spread far more easily in an open office, where employees are constantly in close quarters with one another.

Therefore, think of the wellbeing of your staff when working on your Sydney office design.

By hiring a professional Sydney office design and office fit-out company, you’ll be helping to maintain the health of your workers through smart composition.

Plenty of Plants

Greenery not only looks great, but it also contributes to better health for your staff, and does its part to combat bacteria.

Research in the States has shown that introducing plants into the workplace can actually reduce the number of employee sick days by about 10%.

Plants will absorb carbon dioxide, as well as potentially harmful, airborne bacteria. By doing this, they’ll help to reduce the spread of germs in the office.

Therefore, it’s essential that you work with a Sydney office design and Sydney office fit-out company, to get the best out of the greenery in your workplace.

Good Ventilation and Airflow

Similar to plants, ventilation is essential to ensure airborne germs and bacteria aren’t permitted to settle in your office and infect your staff.

By having fresh air constantly flowing through your office space, your employees will benefit, with less bacteria and less instances of illness.

Consult a Sydney office fit-out and office design firm on how to best ensure your office is getting enough fresh air.

Ensure Adequate Wash Facilities

One of the key ways to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria is good hygiene; nominally, washing the hands regularly.

In fact, some studies suggest that 80% of the spread of bacteria happens through hand contact. Whether that’s a handshake or touching something after someone else, it’s essential to prevent this spread.

When you complete an office fit-out for your Sydney workspace, ensure you install enough hand wash facilities, particularly in your bathrooms.

This will help your employees to keep on top of hand washing, which is important for their health in the workplace.

Even installing hand sanitising stations throughout your office is a cheap and effective way to help employees stay on top of the spread of germs.

To discuss optimising your Sydney office design to combat the spread of germs, get in touch with Niche Projects here.