Sydney Office Fit-Out: Designing Your Lobby to Combat COVID-19

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The spread of COVID-19 throughout Australia and the world is frightening and presents a set of problems that Sydney businesses haven’t had to face before.

Office design is one way we can combat COVID-19 going forward, as well as the spread of other harmful germs and bacteria.

The entry point of every office-based business is the lobby, where staff, clients and visitors will inevitably pass through.

With this kind of constant foot traffic, the buildup and movement of bacteria is commonplace, and must be stopped.

Therefore, a Sydney office fit-out and office design company can play a big part in the way your lobby and business fights off the COVID-19 virus.

Here’s how.

Design for Better Air Quality

The air quality in your lobby has a huge effect on the wellbeing of your people.

Unfortunately, poor air quality is far too common in many offices across Sydney. This contributes to the growth of germs and bacteria, and in turn, illness.

Moreover, these contaminants will be much more likely to spread in a space where the air is stale and where there is poor air flow. This includes the COVID-19 virus, which can spread rapidly and undetected.

Therefore, your office lobby design must take into consideration the risks of germ and bacteria spreading among staff, clients and any other visitors.

One way to do this is to implement an open plan lobby, where air can circulate easily, including from your entrance points. That will allow more fresh air to enter and move about your office lobby.

Your air-conditioning units are essential to the health and wellbeing of anyone in your office lobby. Therefore, do not skimp on these, and ensure they are installed in the most efficient manner possible.

Another way to improve the quality of air in your lobby is to incorporate plenty of plants into your Sydney office lobby design. And if space is at a premium, green walls could be the way to go.

Plants help to absorb nasty airborne elements and make for fresher air in the space. Work with a Sydney office fit-out company like Niche Projects to ensure you’re getting the most out of your greenery.

Minimise Touch Contact

Whether it’s staff, customers or deliveries, make sure contact is as minimal as possible.

Most germs, bacteria and illness are passed on through direct contact. Therefore, by making the interaction in your lobby touch free, you’ll be sure to minimise the transfer of illness and germs.

For example, if you have screens in your lobby for sign in and sign out, ensure that only your receptionist is touching them. If this isn’t possible, the screens should be wiped down after each use.

Furthermore, automated receptionists and assistants are a great asset to have in this situation, removing any skin contact by using full voice automation.

Work with a professional Sydney office fit-out company to ensure your office lobby is ready to fight COVID-19.

Clean Regularly

Whilst it’s not an aspect of design, this is an important reminder; clean your lobby regularly with a Sydney commercial office cleaning company.

Scheduling a regular, comprehensive commercial clean for your office, including the lobby, will help to fight off COVID-19.

A professional cleaning company will ensure your surfaces are properly disinfected, leaving them gleaming and safe for contact.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.