Sydney Office Fit-Out: Creating the Perfect Flexible Space

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Flexible working continues to gain momentum and it’s essential that Sydney offices adapt to the meteoric rise of this trend.

When it comes to designing and fitting out the areas that are best suited to flexible working, it’s coworking spaces that are leading the way.

This is because of their need to cater for a variety of working types and people.

Therefore, there are a number of things we can learn from the success of coworking spaces, as well as other flexible working spaces.

Here are just some of the factors you need to consider when creating the perfect flexible working space for your Sydney office fit-out.


These days, to work effectively, we need to be able to access the right technology.

Connectivity, charging ports and smart furniture are all necessary to allow your employees make the most of your flexible spaces.

Encouraging flexible working must go hand in hand with providing the right tools for the job. When your space has these, your staff will be happier, and far more productive.

Ensure the technology in your flexible working spaces is up to date and optimised for the best user experience, by working with a Sydney office fit-out company like Niche Projects.


Comfort (but not too much!) is conducive to creativity and productivity.

Therefore, it’s essential that your staff experience a good level of comfort when operating in your flexible spaces.

When your workers are comfortable and relaxed, they’ll be more likely to think dynamically, be better at communicating and collaborating, and complete their work efficiently.

Comfort can come with the furniture you place in your flexible areas, as well as effectively managing distractions.


Google’s New York City headquarters has a simple rule – you’re never more than 150 feet from food or drink.

Ensuring that food and beverages like tea and coffee are close by means staff can snack whilst working.

This helps to encourage creativity, as well as small breaks which actually boost their productivity.

The results at google are very encouraging, with workplace satisfaction and happiness constantly through the roof.

What we can take from this is the effectiveness of placing food and drink near working spaces.

Whilst this might not be possible for the rest of your office floor, ensuring the flexible working spaces are near your office kitchen or tea stations can have a great impact on their effectiveness.

Natural Elements

The benefits of natural elements like plants and light can never be underestimated.

A mountain of research has accumulated over the years about the positive effects of having plants in the office.

For example, plants have been found to provide cleaner air, aid healthier and more relaxed staff and increase levels of creativity in the office. As well as that, plants also contribute to sustainability in the workplace.

Moreover, adequate natural light means better sleep patterns for your staff, less eye strain and an improved overall mood.

Therefore, when you take into account the benefits of these natural elements, it’s clear that you simply must integrate them into your flexible workspace.

To do this as effectively as possible, work with a professional Sydney office design and fit-out company like Niche Projects.


Your flexible working areas must be functional.

When we say functional, we mean they simply must give your staff a user-friendly experience. There has to be enough space, adequate seating and the appropriate furniture.

Moreover, common issues like noise distraction and temperature must be taken into account, as with any part of your office.

All of these factors must be taken into account when completing an office fit-out, ensuring your flexible spaces are as functional as possible.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out or office design, get in touch with Niche Projects here.