Sydney Office Fit-Out: What is a Collision Space?

A ‘collision’ between collaborators and ideas is something that every office should be encouraging more and more.

This buzzword essentially describes the coming together of employees, to think dynamically and come up with new ways to work or address problems.

Therefore, you must consider how to best aid this in the way you design your office and complete your Sydney office fit-out.

Here are some things to think about when it comes to encouraging collisions and collaboration in your Sydney office.

Collaboration Spaces

A business which wants to encourage collaboration and dynamic thinking must ensure they have the spaces that are conducive to this.

When you’re completing an office fit-out, ensure there are enough areas in the workspace that aid and push collaboration and ‘collision’ between staff.

These spaces should be open, encouraging dialogue and easy communication between your employees. Moreover, they must be comfortable and stimulating.

Think plenty of colour, plants and natural light.

Elements like these will help to relax your staff members and encourage creativity, which then increases the likelihood of positive ‘collisions’ between workers.

Collaboration is a crucial part of any modern-day office and must be well thought out when you are planning for a Sydney office fit-out.

Implement Food and Drink

Google’s headquarters in New York have a simple rule – no part of their office is more than 150 feet from food.

It’s been a proven success too, with staff happiness and collaboration benefiting greatly from sharing snacks, meals and drinks at any time of the day.

Therefore, consider the effectiveness of your office kitchen and any tea or coffee stations throughout your premises.

Ensure that your collaborative spaces that are designed for ‘collisions’, are near food and drink. Make this happen with the help of a professional office fit-out company like Niche Projects.

Better Communication

Open spaces are far better for communication between your staff.

For example, pods which centre around a table, lounges with an array of couches and breakout rooms with large tables are all ideal for employee engagement.

When it’s easier for your staff to actually talk to each other, collaboration and creativity will be on the up.


When collisions happen, they have to be fostered as much as possible.

This means providing spaces and smart furniture with the best connectivity; cutting-edge wifi, charging ports for devices and any other required technology.

Your staff may need to search and research concepts while brainstorming or investigate some wild possibilities whilst discussing their latest ideas.

These collisions don’t necessarily need to happen in person either.

Adequate connectivity allows remote collision, perhaps between employees in different buildings, or even different cities and countries.

To discuss making your office ‘collision friendly’, get in touch with Niche Projects here.