Sydney Office Fit-Out: Utilising Natural Materials in Your Office

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When it comes to selecting materials for your Sydney office fit-out, there is a wide range of options… sometimes, too many!

Most workstations, chairs, storage units and other essential office items are made of plastic and metal. However, there are a number of benefits to using natural materials instead.

These materials, such as wood and stone, are more sustainable, better for your staff and often more stylish. As well as that, they can be easier to maintain and last longer.

Therefore, here are some ways that your business can utilise natural materials when completing your Sydney office fit-out.

Less Plastic and Metal

The most common materials we see in offices when it comes to furniture, storage units and other essential items, are plastics and metals.

Whilst these materials are cheap and adaptable, there are some downsides. For instance, synthetic materials actually release chemicals into the air in your office.

Research is still inconclusive, but it appears that these chemicals can have some kind of impact on the health of your employees.

Moreover, when it comes to disposing of your office furniture, many of these materials won’t be recyclable.

Therefore, consider less plastic and metal for your office furniture, storage solutions and any other items in the workplace.

The environment will thank you, as will your staff.

More Wood

Wood can be extremely versatile, is ideal for floor and wall finishes, and can be used for a variety of office furniture.

It can come in many forms, a range of colours and depending on the finish, can be used in all kinds of areas. That includes kitchens, breakout rooms, hallways and workspaces.

Moreover, wood can be affordable and easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Wood materials lend to stylish office design in many ways, complementing other materials. As well as that, it helps to instill a natural element in the office.

Therefore, considering wooden materials for your office is essential when planning for a sustainable Sydney office fit-out.

Minimal Design

Sustainability isn’t just about the materials you use, but also the way you use them.

Minimalism is one way to ensure you use less materials during the design and fit-out process for your Sydney office. Moreover, minimal design is quite timeless when it comes to style.

Therefore, consider minimal design elements for your office. You’ll save on time, money and create a more sustainable workplace, particularly when you use natural materials.

Natural Elements

Implementing natural elements into your Sydney office fit-out is a must.

For instance, creating green walls and using plants creatively as partitions are ways to implement natural elements for functionality.

Moreover, green walls and plants not only look fantastic, but also provide a bevy of health benefits for your staff. These include better quality air in the office, improved mental state and lower levels of stress.

Stone and slate floors are another way to include natural elements in your space and make for much more sustainable flooring options. They’ll also last longer than other materials.

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