Sydney Office Fit-Out: Wellness Trends for Post-COVID-19

The focus on employee wellbeing has been rapidly increasing over the past decade.

This has come as businesses realise that investment in their employees’ health and happiness equates to better productivity for an office based organisation.

The results of the increased focus on employee wellbeing have been outstanding. Not only have workers shown more productivity, but more creativity and better collaboration.

In terms of financial benefits, businesses are also seeing a strong correlation between the bottom line and focus on employee wellbeing.

Therefore, here are some trends to consider for your Sydney office fit-out, either during or after the COVID-19 pandemic.


The social distancing guidelines that have been implemented over the past couple of months are influencing the way we live our lives in a big way.

Moreover, we will probably see them impact the way we work in an office in the future.

For instance, distancing between workstations and teams of employees will become a prime consideration when completing a Sydney office fit-out.

This is being seen in The Netherlands already, where Cushman Wakefield are implementing the ‘6-foot office’.

Maintaining this distance helps to greatly reduce the chance of viruses spreading between employees in the office. Therefore, when you complete a Sydney office fit-out, consider some kind of distancing between your workers.

More Natural Elements

The health benefits of adding natural elements to your Sydney office design are undeniable.

Moreover, healthier staff are better equipped to fight off the coronavirus, as well as any other viral pollutants. This is due to a stronger immune system.

And installing natural elements in your office is easy and affordable. Often, it can just mean redesigning your workspace to make sure the flow of light and air is maximised. Furthermore, filling your office with plants is cost-effective, and it looks great.

Make sure natural elements are a prime consideration when it comes to your Sydney office fit-out.

Flexible Workspaces

Flexible working is the way forward – there’s no doubt about this.

Therefore, it’s essential that you incorporate some kind of flexible workspace in your Sydney office fit-out. This will ensure that you don’t get left behind when it comes to advances in work types, employee expectations and smarter working.

Moreover, flexible workspaces are better for employees’ health.

They can help to reduce stress in the workplace and improve physical health through less sitting and more movement. As well as that, flexible spaces provide a much-needed change in scenery.

Make sure your office is optimised for both functionality and employee wellness by including flexible working spaces in your Sydney office fit-out.

A Great Office Kitchen

The office kitchen is arguably one of the most important parts of any Sydney commercial business.

It’s where your staff will recharge, relax and eat so that they can refuel themselves for the workday ahead.

Moreover, an increasing number of companies are realising the importance of the kitchen when it comes to socialisation and collaboration.

A well designed, functional kitchen can actually help to strengthen working relationships, which in turn means easier and more open communication.

Therefore, neglect your office kitchen at your peril when it comes to completing a Sydney office fit-out.

Comprehensive Waste Management

An essential aspect of a functional, healthy and safe office space is waste management.

Unfortunately, poor waste management can affect the health of your employees and increase the likelihood of illness in the workplace.

This comes from the buildup of dust, germs and bacteria that is often present in sitting waste. For instance, food scraps, furniture, recycling and other office junk.

Therefore, hiring a Sydney rubbish removal company to collect your waste regularly is an important part of promoting wellness in your Sydney office.

Increased Focus on Commercial Office Cleaning

Similar to rubbish removal, is regular commercial office cleaning.

An unclean office is not conducive to happy or healthy employees. In fact, it can actually be a dangerous place, when illness takes hold and spreads quickly.

Hiring a professional Sydney commercial cleaning company is a big step in improving the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Therefore, regular office cleaning and disinfecting is imperative for any office-based business, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out and how to improve your focus on employee wellbeing, get in touch with Niche Projects here.