The Benefits of Green Walls for Your Sydney Office Fit-Out (Part One)

The positive effect of greenery in the office cannot be understated.

However, it’s not always easy to fill an already bustling office space with numerous plants. They take up space and must be maintained.

Thankfully though, over the past few years interior architects have blessed us with green walls that can be installed inside a variety of spaces.

These green walls are appearing in cafes, restaurants, bars and of course, office buildings.

These plant walls offer all the health and wellbeing benefits of plants, but take up much less space. Moreover, they simply look fantastic.

Another quality that makes these green walls so versatile is the fact that they can even be made with artificial plants. This results in less maintenance, but means they retain all of the visual benefits of real plants.

Here are three of the benefits of installing green walls during your office fit-out.

They Help the Environment

It goes without saying that installing green walls is a step towards sustainability.

With more greenery in the office, you’ll be helping to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the air.

This improved carbon footprint goes a long way towards making your impact on the environment far more positive.

As well as this, plants clean the air of any other chemicals that might be present in your office space. Therefore, they’re good for the environment both outside and inside your office.

Every business should consider their impact on the environment when it comes to planning and completing an office fit-out.

Green Walls Improve Air Quality

Plants will have an enormous impact on the quality of air in your office.

It’s a fact that plants will absorb carbon dioxide and in turn, release oxygen. This is completely the opposite of what we as humans do.

Therefore, placing plants in your office creates a much-needed balance, with a number of other benefits that come with these green friends.

Cleaner air in the office means your staff and your business will reap the rewards; happier and more alert workers, better sleep and less instances of illness.

In terms of actual work performance, numerous studies have found a strong connection between the installation of plants and an increase in productivity.

In fact, buildings that are ‘green-certified’ have 26% higher cognitive function scores.

Therefore, considering green walls or greenery for your office space is essential to attaining higher performance for your business.

Consult a professional Sydney office fit-out company like Niche Projects to make the most of greenery in your office space.

Happier and Healthier Staff

The health benefits of green walls and plants for staff have been proven by countless of studies across the world.

For instance, installing green walls in your office can reduce absence due to illness by up to 30%. This is because the cleaner air makes the transmission of colds, coughs and other respiratory problems far less frequent.

These benefits aren’t only apparent in the office either. In some urban centres, vertical forests are appearing on the side of buildings, and having a similar positive effect on people nearby.

Therefore, considering green walls for your office fit-out is a great idea for the health of your staff.

To discuss green walls for your office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.