The Benefits of Green Walls for Your Sydney Office Fit-Out (Part Two)

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Green office design becomes more popular every year, for good reason.

This is because any kind of greenery in the office has immense benefits for your staff, and your business as a whole.

Both standing plants and green walls provide crucial natural elements in any working environment.

These green walls can be a great way to implement natural elements into your Sydney office fit-out, whilst conserving space in the office.

There are plenty of other benefits to installing green walls in your office; here are three more.

Reduce Noise Distraction

Noise distraction is a common issue in modern offices, particularly due to the prevalence of open plan working styles.

Thankfully, living walls absorb 41% more sound than a normal wall.

This means far less noise bouncing around your office and distracting your staff. Research suggests that staff who are subject to a noisy office are less productive, and their quality of work suffers greatly.

Furthermore, staff who are exposed to excessive noise distraction in the office are more likely to become ill, experience a lowered mood and far more stress.

When you are planning for an office fit-out, keep in mind the benefits of green walls when it comes to minimising noise distraction.

They Regulate Temperature

Plants reflect solar energy, which means they help to cool your space in summer. This results in less money spent on artificial cooling.

Temperature regulation is therefore one great bonus that green walls offer, which regular walls do not.

Unfortunately, regular wall surfaces like concrete and brick hoard solar energy, making for a warmer space which is more expensive to cool.

Every single cost-effective measure such as this should be taken into consideration when planning for your Sydney office fit-out.

Green Walls Make a Good Impression

In any competitive industry, first impressions are do-or-die.

Therefore, it’s essential you quickly make a positive impact on anyone that is visiting your office space. This includes clients, stakeholders and even potential employees.

By installing green walls in your office, you’ll be showing that your organisation is mindful of sustainability, and cares for the wellbeing of its employees.

These positive traits can go a long way toward attracting more business, as well as the best talent, to your company.

First impressions must always be a consideration when planning and completing a Sydney office fit-out.

To discuss green walls for your office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.