The Power of Artwork in Your Office

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Art is subjective, and the emotional reaction to artwork depends wholly on the viewers personal connection.

When you are designing your office, or completing an office fit-out, the presence of artwork must be included.

Whilst it is pleasing to the eye (if picked well), artwork can have a number of other great effects on your staff and business.

Here’s the positive impact that artwork can have when you include it in your office fit-out.

Employee Happiness

Your staff will be happier when there is artwork present in the office.

Research has shown that about 90% of office workers think art makes the working environment better.

Moreover, artwork actually reduces stress levels in the workplace. A combination of colour, pleasing images and style help to relax your workers.

When you undergo an office fit-out, or are simply redecorating, artwork can have a fantastic effect on the happiness of your staff, at an affordable rate.


According to some studies, workers who operate with art present in their office are 15% more productive.

Artwork helps to create a pleasant environment for your staff, which must be a primary aim of any professional office fit-out.

Moreover, a pleasant environment helps to boost productivity amongst your workers. This is because people simply prefer to work in a nice environment.

Staff will be better at their jobs when they enjoy the environment that they work in.


Improve your reputation among clients and competition by hanging tasteful artwork.

A stylish space is a sure way to show your clients and competitors that your organisation has taste and takes itself seriously.

This can influence your clients’ experience of your business, as well as contribute to landing more business.

Encompass Your Brand

You can display the values of your organisation through artwork.

Artwork can come in many forms. For example, some businesses might utilise graffiti to show that they are a fun, edgy organisation.

On the other hand, oil paintings in sturdy wooden frames can convey tradition, class and a history of professionalism.

Whatever the values of your organisation, consider displaying them through artwork when completing an office fit-out or makeover.

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