Why the Breakout Space is a Crucial Part of Your Office Fit-Out

The breakout space is generally an area designed for staff to get away from their desks and have a break from work.

However, as we become more flexible with our working styles, the lines are blurring between desks and other spaces.

It’s important though to find a balance, where employees aren’t taking their work with them to every single part of the office.

Therefore, at least part of your breakout space has to be work-free.

Only then can your staff truly use the breakout space for what it is intended – to relax, have a breather and occasionally socialise.

Here are the benefits of designing a great breakout space when undergoing an office fit-out.

Staff Relaxation

A well designed and utilised breakout room will ensure your staff can truly relax when they spend time away from their desks.

This is extremely important for the wellbeing of your workers, as well as their productivity levels throughout the day.

When your workers are able to have consistent breaks from work and de-stress, they’ll be far more attentive, have more energy and experience less instances of anxiety and depression.

Therefore, a relaxing breakout space is a crucial part of any office fit-out.


Improved socialisation between your staff can have fantastic benefits for them, as well as your business as a whole.

Considering the interactions of your people is essential when planning an office fit-out. This is because good relationships encourage better creativity and collaboration.

On the other hand, staff who do not have any time to socialise at all will be more withdrawn and can be less productive.

Branding and Business Personality

The way you design and fit-out your breakout area provides an excellent opportunity to display the brand and personality of your organisation.

For example, by selecting the colour scheme, artwork and furniture that will feature in your breakout room, you can display your traditional, edgy or forward-thinking personality.

Branding is always an important aspect of any office fit-out, including in your breakout areas.

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