The Pros and Cons of Office Dividers and Partitions: Bamboo Partitions

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Dividers, screens and partitions can be a great way to add dynamism and flexibility to your Sydney office space.

In open plan offices, these screens are very advantageous for a number of reasons. You can create new spaces or divvy up teams as required.

Bamboo partitions and dividers are just one type of screen that you can use in your office space. They come with a number of benefits, as well as some downsides.

We’ll discuss both of those aspects a little more below.

The Benefits


Bamboo partitions or dividers are one of the more affordable options.

This is because bamboo is a relatively cheap product to source and produced compared to the other types of wood used for partitions.

Price is something you must always consider when choosing items for your Sydney office fit-out, including partitions and dividers.

Spending less on those means more in your pocket for other parts of your fit-out.


Bamboo dividers or partitions can look fantastic in the right setting. The natural charm of this material means it fits in well with an office that displays plenty of biophilic elements.

As well as that, bamboo can come in a variety of colours and stains, meaning it’s versatile when it comes to office design.

That makes it far easier to make bamboo partitions or dividers a part of your Sydney office fit-out.


Sustainability is important in all sorts of office design projects.

Thankfully, bamboo is one of the most sustainable types of wood that can be used for building office partitions.

It grows quickly and can be produced without pesticides or chemical fertilisers, meaning it’s better for the environment.

Therefore, when you choose bamboo partitions, you’re having a better impact on the environment. That’s a win for any organisation.

The Downsides

Light and Airflow

Bamboo screens will be opaque, which means they’ll impact the flow of light and air in your office space.

Natural light is essential in every office. Therefore, it’s important that you work with a professional Sydney office design company to place your partitions properly.

If you block the flow of light and air in your Sydney office fit-out, you could be wreaking havoc on your employees.


Whilst wood screens usually offer a durable option, bamboo is not as sturdy or heavy duty as some other wooden partitions.

Therefore, this is something you need to take into account when ordering dividers for your Sydney office fit-out.

To discuss fixed or free standing partitions for your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.