The Pros and Cons of Office Dividers and Partitions: Perspex Partitions

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Dividers, screens and partitions can be a great way to add dynamism and flexibility to your Sydney office space.

In open plan offices, these screens are very advantageous for a number of reasons. You can create new spaces or divvy up teams as required.

Perspex partitions and dividers are just one type of screen that you can use in your office space. They come with a number of benefits, as well as some downsides.

We’ll discuss both of those aspects a little more below.

The Benefits


Perspex partitions or dividers are one of the more affordable options.

This is because perspex is a relatively cheap product to produce when compared to similar materials like glass.

Price is something you must always consider when choosing items for your Sydney office fit-out, including partitions and dividers.

Spending less on those means more in your pocket for other parts of your fit-out.


Perspex is easily customisable, as it’s much less hassle to cut than glass.

This means that you’ll be able to get all sorts of different sizes to fit the various parts of your Sydney office space.

Moreover, if you select free standing perspex dividers or partitions, they are lighter and therefore easier to move around the office.


Good light flow is so important for every office space.

The benefits of good light for staff are simply enormous and therefore, natural light and light flow in your office must be a priority.

Perspex partitions are fantastic because they allow light to flow through a space. That means your staff can reap the benefits of good light flow, as well as good acoustics.


Perspex is one of the better materials when it comes to reducing noise in the office.

These dividers will effectively contain or block noise from different parts of your workspace, allowing your staff to do their job more effectively.

Noise distraction is a quality and efficiency killer, especially in an open plan office space.

Therefore, installing fixed or free standing perspex partitions in your workplace can be a huge help for your workers.

The Downsides


Perspex has many great benefits but it’s not as sturdy or durable as glass or wood.

This means it can be more susceptible to scratches than heavier duty materials like glass or metal dividers.

Therefore, durability is something that you should certainly consider when selecting partitions or screens for your office.


Perspex dividers aren’t as stylish as glass or wood screens.

However, they can come in a variety of colours or shades, which means they can still fit into most Sydney office design styles!

At Niche Projects, we can help you pick the best partitions and screens for your office, to maximise your existing style.

To discuss screens and dividers for your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.